Amir's Artist Statement

I'm told that my talent is for illustration, though my style(s) span(s) a variety of media, and subject matter.  Past and present life experience, cultural history & legacy, as well as so-called classical works heavily influence me.  The nature of my work is self-expression--it comes from how I feel or how I was caused to feel--and visual art is how I (usually) express it.  As an artist, I seek to do two things: express what I see when I look out at the world; and offer the world a more beautiful, positively relevant, and possibly inspirational vision of ourselves.  First, I paint for myself, and second I paint for my people and everybody else who experiences joy and richness when viewing my work.  While I am currently seeking established gallery representation, maintaining the ability to house and show my own art will be an ongoing goal so I can always be free to do what I want to do.