Africa Unite--from the collection Africa Create Us

Africa Unite--from the collection Africa Create Us

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Approximately 40 3/4" x 40". Acrylic on wood.  2006.

Hand painted portrait of Jamaican reggae artist, Bob Marley, in front of several flags of African nations on a hand-cut wooden map of the continent of Africa.  An additional cut-out of the island of Madagascar is included and features a quote from the song that inspired this painting and for which it is named.


The name for this collection, Africa Create Us, comes from a saying in the Rastafarian community: Africa awaits its creators. The saying specifically deals with us, who were taken away from Africa, and that it will be up to us to return and rebuild Africa the continent and the consciousness to its full glory.

Depending on the idea I get and what I'm trying to say, I'll decide if I want to add a work to the Africa collection.  The images displayed here are painted on Africa shaped boards, cut out of wood, or canvas mounted on wood.  They deal with the way art and life whether by self-adornment and craftwork, daily living, music, national pride, royalty, or religion are one in the same among many African cultures.  These cultures reach beyond Africa's shores to inspire those of us who are abroad to continue to create art that will inspire others to look to Africa . . .  Though she has been, and continues to be, robbed of strength, genius, and resources, we must remember that Africa ultimately creates us all.  This was the perfect starting place for what I do as an artist and for my first (solo) show.