What Makes a King?  (High Res. Giclée Print on Canvas)

What Makes a King? (High Res. Giclée Print on Canvas)

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? I had a question that stemmed from all the press that I'd been seeing Basquiat's work receive lately.  Recently his works have been touring, showing, and selling at auction for large amounts of money.  This observation led me to wonder who is in control of the widely popular deceased artist's estate; and thus, benefitting from these sales.  Then I thought about the fact that when I read articles about Basquiat, they often refer to his parents being from Haiti and Puerto Rico.  I started to wonder if any of the collectors who have been selling his work at such high prices, were planning to donate any of the monies to Puerto Rico and Haiti respectively especially considering that both of these islands have been hard hit by recent disasters.  Puerto Rico, most recently, is still in the process of recovering and is currently accepting donations from all around the world; and Haiti, still recovering years later, from a major earthquake, is a place that my family donates clothing to regularly.  After a few days of seeing article after article, post after post, about the sales of Basquiat's work and having the same question keep coming up in my head, I decided to channel my thoughts into this painting titled What Makes a King?

Original work is 24" x 30" mixed media on canvas. 2017.  Price upon request.  Serious inquiries only.

High resolution, archival, fine art giclée prints and decorative canvas prints are currently for sale, with 50% of all sales from this work going directly to support those in need in Haiti and Puerto Rico.